Welcome to the SR426/CR419 Final Design web site

Seminole County, in conjunction with the City of Oviedo and the Florida Department of Transportation, is currently working on the design plans for the widening of State Road (SR) 426 and County Road (CR) 419 in the City of Oviedo. Because of funding issues, the project was divided into three phases for design.

The design of Phase 1, SR 434 Widening from Smith Street to Franklin Street, was completed in April 2012 and is currently in the right-of-way acquisition phase. Construction is anticipated to start in fall 2015. The design of Phase 2, from Pine Avenue to Avenue B, is the current project and is estimated to be completed at the end of 2015. Phase 3, from Avenue B to west of Lockwood Boulevard, is currently not programed for design.

Please click on the Project Overview page to learn more about the current project.

Information on this website will provide an overview of the project, the project schedule, dates and locations for public information meetings and project contact information.  Please check back often for website updates.